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What do you think about it shifting the balance of power from distributors to producers? If broadband connectivity at fast enough speeds exists (which is what killed earlier iterations), and if video online is optimized for a tv screen at 1080p HD, will everyone be in the content creation game? Watching the conference the NBA stood out as an example. Why would they need TNT or NBC? They could shoot, house, charge and own the whole process. The lean back feature from Youtube and "channel you" really struck me as well. Looks like the idea of viewable "channels" just went near infinite.

Lots of questions. Could a company like Kraft now challenge The Food Network? Could Sony reinvent music television? With this outlook why is Dish Network involved? I understand Best Buy, they can sell tvs and stream content. What will this do to the value of old content rights? Did the idea of product placement just go nuclear? Or did powerful, iconic, social brands just have their brand equity increase 2x....so many questions. Thanks for the real estate to think out loud.

Griffin Farley

I think you bring up some really great questions. I don't see a brand like Kraft or General Mills getting into content creation quickly but I could see some interesting things from a brand like Virgin or Smirnoff? If you have a brand that can get away with producing HBO or better content they will have an audience that seeks them out. Sprint and Suave had a good thing going with "In the Motherhood" and Gieco had a good thing going with the "Cavemen" but the networks screwed it up when they took them to prime time. The networks have lost their way and brands/agencies are better content producers (which is an odd thing for me to say).

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