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Rob Mortimer

I really enjoyed this presentation, and one of the comments also sparked a post on my blog. ( http://the-ad-pit.blogspot.com/2010/10/certain-ratio.html )

Good stuff!

Joel R. Johnson

I'm VERY excited to see planning take this direction organically. This is similar to how we operate at Porter Novelli. We create and cultivate communities to identify influencers, to spread and share our client's messages, generating advocacy through the form of testimonials and action. We're re-desiging our planning process to more closely mimic what PR professionals have been doing for dozens of years. Its funny that traditional advertising is only now just catching on, but I can see why being a planner who's worked in design, digital and traditional myself. We see clients increasingly asking PR agencies to own social enagagement--we already have a relationship with the public and influencers--but that relationship really needs to be shared across agencies. Now, PR has to catch-up and start learning how to create Communication Objects or "Brand Tools" as I call them in order to have social currency to exchange for advocacy from target groups. And frankly, we need to raise our creative game to compete or start working with stronger creative partners with the talents of a BBH.

I write more on this here at my blog: http://bit.ly/huJlFY

Joel R. Johnson
EVP Integrated Planning
Porter Novelli

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